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5 Aug 2017

What the iPad 3 Lacks


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Posted By Scotty B.

With the anticipation of the iPad 3, or “New iPad”, released by Apple, there were many predictions about the look and features. Although many did make the leap and buy the iPad 3, there were some disappointments from consumers in the areas of features and design. Design There was no change in the design of the iPad from version 2 to 3, except the fact that that the sides of the iPad 3 are slightly tapered, giving it a more rounded appearance. Some were expecting a smaller design option. Weight The iPad 3 has not only remained the same size, but it is only slightly heavier than the previously released iPad 2. The new features and internal components of the iPad 3 did little to decrease its weight. In order for Apple to make the iPad 3 lighter, they would have had to make changes to the battery. If the battery size had been decreased, the battery life would also be compromised. The new screen display of the iPad 3 needs the full battery power, so there would be no way for Apple to make this device lighter. Processor The iPad 3 did not get the anticipated A6 processor, which would have been a real step up from the iPad 2. Instead, the iPad 3 was given the A5X processor. It's still powerful, and the iPad 3 runs smoothly, but for those that wanted to see a greater upgrade from the iPad 2, this processor was a disappointment. Storage Many current users wanted more storage, especially since there's no option to add extra storage once your iPad is full. Both devices are still only offering 64 GB maximum. Siri Apple iPad users expected that Siri would be added to the iPad 3 as it was included in the iPhone 4S. This virtual assistant feature from Apple was a much anticipated feature. Thankfully, it comes with the iOS 6 update. SD Card With the iPad 3, and its new camera and video features, many users were disappointed that there was no SD card slot. iPad 3 owners need to purchase the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit in order to transfer pictures and videos from a SD card to the iPad 3. Smart Cover There was no change to the Smart Cover of the iPad 3 from its first introduction. This particular cover does not cover the back of the iPad 3, and still comes in the same standard colors.


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